Hello! As explained in my bio my name is Paris Clark and i am an aesthetician from Louisiana.My passion for skincare is long lived and i have been making my own natural skincare for 3 years now.Growing up i struggled with severe eczema and acne as i got older. I also have a long list of allergies and am very sensitive, which made it hard for me to find products that wouldn't irritate my skin. When i was in middle - high school my acne and sensitive skin were so out of control i felt helpless. Going into my junior year i decided i needed to find an alternative to the chemical filled products i had been using.So i started to make my own masques and cleansers , which are those listed on my site. After attending school and testing my products on schoolmates, i saw the same great results on them as for myself! So i decided to make my products available for purchase. Please feel free to contact me through email with questions. And remember,it is best to patch test any product on the back of your hand before use to make sure you are not allergic to it! Thank you always & Happy skincare!